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Watercolour Home Renovation Planner Notebook, Renovation Organiser, Journal

Watercolour Home Renovation Planner Notebook, Renovation Organiser, Journal

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Transform your ultimate home dreams into reality with our Complete Ultimate Home Renovation Planner!Are you ready to embark on the journey to your dream ultimate home? Whether you're starting from scratch or giving your existing ultimate home a fresh look, our comprehensive planner is your key to a successful renovation project.


Why Choose Our Ultimate Home Renovation Planner?


Our planner is not just a simple guide; it's your ultimate companion for achieving a beautiful, organized, and hassle-free ultimate home renovation. Here's what makes it special:


Over 100 Pages of Expert Guidance: With more than 100 carefully crafted pages, this planner is your roadmap to renovation success. It leaves no stone unturned, offering you everything you need for efficient project management.


Detailed Measurement Guide: Worried about getting those measurements right? Our planner includes a foolproof measurement guide, ensuring precision in every step of your project.


Budget-Friendly Planning: Renovations can be costly. Our planner has dedicated sections for budget management and cost comparison, helping you make informed financial decisions.


Stay Organized: Keep all your contacts, product details, and important notes in one place. No more rummaging through piles of paper; our planner keeps you organized effortlessly.Ready to start your ultimate home renovation journey on the right foot? Say hello to a stress-free project with our Complete Ultimate home Renovation Planner.



The size of the planner is 21x28 cm (8''x11'').

It is a soft cover large notebook with personalized pages design by interior professionals for ultimate home renovation.




1. Idea Generation

* Goals and Ideas

* Mood Board

* Renovation Checklis

t* Keep,Sell,Donate

* Before/After


2. Evaluation and Planning


* My Floor Plan

* Ultimate home Assessment

* Furniture and Décor Planner

* Ultimate home Changes Planner

* Project Planner

* Current Ultimate home Floor Plan

* New Ultimate home Floor Plan

* How to Measure Guide

* Ultimate home Dimensions

* DIY Wall Planner

* Graph Paper


3. Budget Management


* Financial Planner

* Debt Tracker


4. Comparison of Product Costs and Services


* Contact List

* Product Sourcing Sheet

* Prepopulated Ultimate home Estimate

* Quotes Comparisons


5. Project Organization

* Inventory Checklist

* Packing Checklist

* Trackers : Warranty, Samples, Paint

* To Do List & Shopping List

* Calendar* Paint Labels

* Wall, Floor, Furniture & Accessories Planner


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