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A Journey Through Our Exquisite Exterior Design Transformations

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Hey there, architecture enthusiasts and fellow lovers of beautiful homes! Welcome to BY Design And Viz, the place where we're all about turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. We're excited to have you join us on this journey through our world of exterior facade transformations. Get ready to dive into a visual feast of "before and after" pictures that tell tales of architectural innovation, stunning aesthetics, and the dreams we've brought to life.

At BY Design And Viz, we're not just architects; we're storytellers. We believe that every building has a story waiting to be unveiled, and the facade is the first chapter. Whether it's a historic gem needing a facelift or a modern building craving a fresh identity, we're here to turn those stories into masterpieces.

In this blog, we're swinging open the doors to our treasure trove of transformations. You're about to witness the remarkable journeys we've embarked upon, where dull facades become vibrant expressions of style and character. It's like a makeover show, but for buildings!

We've taken buildings that were hidden in plain sight and turned them into head-turning landmarks. From preserving the soul of heritage facades to giving urban landscapes a contemporary twist, our team has made it their mission to breathe new life into the architecture that surrounds us.

We're thrilled to have you along for this journey, so let's dive in together and discover the fascinating world of exterior transformations!

Project 1: Modern Comfort Meets Curb Appeal

For this project, we set out to create an exterior that reflects the comforts of modern living while embracing its surroundings. The original facade felt dated, with worn-out siding and an uninspiring entrance. We aimed to turn it into a modern masterpiece that exudes warmth and welcome.

Our design focused on sleek lines and the use of contemporary materials that complemented the home's architecture. We chose a color palette that echoed modern comfort and invited residents and visitors alike to feel at home.

Project 2: Modern Elegance Returns

The original facade of this project had seen better days, with aging materials and a lack of character. Our objective was to reintroduce rustic elegance to the exterior, creating a timeless and inviting look.

We began by adding warm wood accents to the facade, giving it a touch of rustic charm. These details created a sense of coziness and comfort that instantly felt like home. The addition of shutters and a welcoming front porch completed the transformation, creating a sense of timeless elegance.

The color palette was chosen to complement the natural surroundings, with warm earthy tones that blend seamlessly with the landscape. The result is an exterior that not only looks inviting but also feels like a retreat, a place to unwind and reconnect with the charm of the past.

Project 3: Outdated to a Modern Home

The "before" image presents a charming but outdated bungalow, nestled within a serene neighborhood. While the bungalow had character and a nostalgic appeal, its design had become impractical for modern living. The aging facade featured a small, enclosed entryway that lacked the welcoming charm of a contemporary home.

Our mission for this project was to breathe new life into the bungalow while preserving its classic charm. The main goal was to convert the aging facade into a modern, inviting space with the addition of a front porch. Here's how we executed this transformation:

1. Porch Addition: The heart of the project involved designing and constructing a spacious front porch. This porch would serve as the focal point of the modernization effort, offering a gathering space for residents and guests alike.

2. Modernization of Exterior: The existing exterior received a fresh coat of paint in a neutral, modern color palette. New energy-efficient windows were installed, allowing natural light to flood the interior while providing better insulation.

3. Contemporary Materials: Modern materials, including clean-lined siding and sleek metal railings, were used to update the exterior, giving it a clean and contemporary look. The porch flooring featured durable, low-maintenance composite decking.

4. Welcoming Entryway: We replaced the old front door with a modern, glass-paneled entry door. Its design allowed for a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces while flooding the home with light.

The "after" picture captures the stunning transformation of the bungalow into a modern home with an inviting porch. The new front porch spans the width of the home and features a welcoming seating area with comfortable outdoor furniture. This addition not only adds to the home's curb appeal but also offers a place for relaxation and socializing.

Project 16: Contemporary Elegance

For this exterior transformation, we focused on infusing contemporary elegance into a dated facade. The "before" image revealed an exterior that lacked the refinement and sophistication our clients desired.

In the "after" picture, you'll witness a captivating exterior that exudes contemporary elegance. Sleek architectural elements, such as metal cladding and minimalist landscaping, create a harmonious and refined look. Neutral tones and carefully chosen details add to the sense of sophistication. This exterior makeover is a testament to the transformative power of contemporary design, proving that elegance can always be reinvented.

Project 19: Affordable Curb Appeal

In this project, our goal was to enhance curb appeal without breaking the bank. The "before" image showed a facade that, while not in terrible shape, lacked character and visual interest.

Our budget-friendly solution was to focus on small, impactful changes. We started by giving the front garden a new look. New plants and outdoor lighting were added charming details. Strategic outdoor lighting fixtures illuminated the facade at night, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The "after" picture showcases the result of these small but effective changes. The exterior now boasts enhanced curb appeal without the need for extensive renovations or structural alterations. It's proof that even modest updates can make a significant difference in transforming the look and feel of a home.

Project 20: Porch Perfection on a Budget

For this project, we focused on revitalizing the front porch to create a welcoming and inviting space. The "before" image featured a porch that had seen better days, with worn-out furnishings and peeling paint.

Our budget-friendly approach included refinishing the porch floor, giving it a fresh and inviting look. We repainted the porch ceiling in a soft, calming hue and added new, budget-friendly outdoor furniture. Colorful throw pillows and potted plants injected personality and warmth into the space.

In the "after" picture, you'll see how these small changes transformed the porch into a cozy and inviting retreat. It's a space where homeowners and guests can relax, chat, and enjoy the outdoors without the need for a major renovation. This project is a testament to the impact that simple updates can have on a home's exterior, all while staying within a budget.

These projects showcase how small, budget-friendly changes can make a significant difference in renewing dated exteriors. From enhancing curb appeal with paint and accessories to transforming a porch into an inviting oasis, these projects demonstrate the value of thoughtful and cost-effective exterior improvements.

Project 15: Modern Minimalism

In this project, we embraced the principles of modern minimalism to transform a dated exterior into a sleek and sophisticated masterpiece. The "before" image showed a facade cluttered with unnecessary details and a lack of clarity.

In the "after" picture, you'll see a stunning transformation that embodies the essence of modern minimalism. We stripped away the excess, creating clean lines, uncluttered surfaces, and a monochromatic color palette. Large windows and glass elements flood the interior with natural light while blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. This exterior makeover is a testament to the power of simplicity and the beauty of clean, unadorned design.

Project 7 : Cottage Transformation

The "before" image showcases a charming but modest cottage, tucked away amidst lush greenery. While the cottage had a cozy appeal, its limited space and lack of practical features were becoming less suitable for the homeowners' needs.

Transformation Plan:

Our objective for this project was to expand the cottage while preserving its cottagecore charm. The primary goals included adding a garage on the right side and incorporating extra living space on the left with large sliding doors to seamlessly merge the indoors with the outdoors. Here's how we brought this vision to life:

1. Garage Addition: To the right side of the cottage, we designed and constructed a functional garage. The garage's design harmonized with the cottage's aesthetics, featuring a rustic yet stylish facade that complemented the overall look.

2. Expansive Living Space: On the left side of the cottage, we added an extension with large sliding doors. These doors provided a seamless connection to the backyard, flooding the interior with natural light and creating a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor living.

3. Modern Amenities: The interior of the expanded cottage received modern amenities, including a spacious kitchen, a cozy living area, and a dining space with views of the garden. Natural materials like wood and stone were used to maintain the cottage's cozy atmosphere while infusing a touch of modern elegance.

4. Landscaping: The backyard was landscaped to create an inviting outdoor retreat. A patio area with comfortable outdoor seating and lush gardens enhanced the sense of tranquility and provided a space for relaxation and entertainment.

The "after" picture captures the remarkable transformation of the cottage into a more spacious and functional home. The garage addition on the right offers convenient parking and storage, seamlessly blending with the cottage's aesthetic. On the left side, the expansive living space with large sliding doors creates a bright, airy atmosphere and provides a connection to the picturesque backyard.

Project 8: Vintage Revival

Nestled in a historic neighborhood, this exterior transformation project focused on reviving a classic vintage charm. The original facade, though once elegant, had succumbed to the effects of time, with fading paint and worn-out details.

Our approach was to pay homage to the home's original era while updating it for modern living. We meticulously restored intricate architectural elements, breathing new life into them. A fresh color palette was chosen, drawing inspiration from the home's historical context.

The addition of a welcoming front garden, complete with classic lighting fixtures, created a sense of nostalgia and comfort. The result is a vintage revival that retains the timeless charm of the past while embracing the needs and comforts of the present.

Project 9: Suburban Serenity

This suburban exterior transformation project aimed to turn a dated facade into a serene retreat. The original exterior lacked character and cohesion, with mismatched materials and an overall uninspiring appearance.

Our vision was to create a harmonious space that exuded serenity and comfort. We opted for a natural color palette, featuring greys, to create a seamless connection with the suburban surroundings.

The final result is a suburban oasis that feels like a tranquil escape from the everyday. It's a reminder that even in suburban settings, we can create exterior spaces that bring serenity and harmony to daily life.


Our voyage through these remarkable exterior design transformations has taken us on a captivating journey of architectural renewal. With each project, we've witnessed how the fusion of creativity, expertise, and a profound understanding of our clients' desires can breathe new life into even the most dated exteriors.

From the meticulous restoration of historic landmarks to the infusion of modern elements into suburban homes, each project has its own unique narrative. We've seen how thoughtful design decisions can reimagine spaces, infusing them with character, functionality, and a renewed sense of purpose.

At BY Design And Viz, we are dedicated to the art of transformation, turning architectural dreams into splendid realities. Our commitment to combining aesthetics with functionality has been at the heart of every project, leaving a trail of awe-inspiring transformations in its wake.

Are you ready to embark on your own architectural journey? Whether you aspire to revive a vintage gem, embrace modernism with a welcoming porch, or explore entirely new possibilities for your space, our team stands ready to inspire and create.

Reach out to us today, and let's embark on the voyage of turning your architectural dreams into breathtaking realities. Your ideal space awaits, and we are eager to be your trusted partners throughout this remarkable journey. Together, we'll transform your vision into an architectural masterpiece.

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